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Updated: Aug 12, 2019


you can't rush your healing

darkness has its teachings

love? is never leaving

you can't rush your healing” - Trevor Hall



My yoga journey began in Atlanta, during a time where I did not know how to cope with all the expectations and unveilings of pain that I have experienced in life. It was six weeks of covering information that would be used to fulfill the duty one signed up for. However, Atlanta was just the beginning of my journey.

I stepped into the role that I loved, and became a teacher, where I traveled through the words on page with students, had those difficult discussions that we shy away from, and designed a room that sees the importance in the voices we hear in solitude and as we enter the world. A classroom illuminates knowledge and power, and in it, it is filled with voices that are so robust it makes us quiver with the idea that these voices could be silenced if we did not hold value to their truths. 

And although, I felt like I was doing everything I could, to be the best teacher, best friend, best partner, best student; and the list goes on, things were still falling apart in areas of my life. I felt as though the abyss of solitude was a home that was becoming far too familiar. I had made every excuse not to practice mindfulness and yoga, but to still provide my students with a space to heal. Scared that my pain was less significant, less important, or traumatic, I suppressed my feelings and welcomed this lost sanctuary. Then Jaimis Huff, encouraged me to come practice at The Space and opened up the idea of entering the yoga teacher training, where I never would have expected to meet my Kula, find my passion, welcome purpose, and accept the time it takes to heal.

Trevor Hall says, “you can’t rush your healing; darkness has its teachings.” Things are meant to fall apart, because when they do, we are one step closer to finding our purpose and living in enlightenment. I am grateful to have had this opportunity to practice with the individuals in my YTT and learn from Jaimis, Rebby, Marci, Kate, Rodolfo, and Karrie. I was able to wake on the last day and accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference. 

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